Holiday Gift Guide for Him

We know men can be hard to shop for. Anything he needs, he generally just buys for himself – and anything he hasn’t bought for himself, he probably doesn’t need. That’s the thought process that’s easy to get stuck in, anyway.


The good news? We’ve got a gift guide for him that will knock those fancy socks you got him that one year when you didn’t know what else to get – right off.


The key is finding things that he needs … but doesn’t know that he needs. What could that be? Why, we’re so glad you asked.


Engraved Billfold


Some of the best gifts for men include practical things. Especially if he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t need a whole lot of stuff, he’ll particularly appreciate something more on the useful side.


engraved leather bifold wallet


And what’s more useful than something that holds money? Our genuine leather billfold wallets have three card slots, plus a clear ID window. And – yes – they can be personalized. Throw his initials on the front, plus a personal message (something sweet, something sappy, something hilarious) on the inside.


Plus, they’re useful. Did we mention they hold money?


City Map Whiskey Decanter Set


This one is personal and useful. And classy. And delicious.


engraved map decanter set sitting on whiskey barrel


Our whiskey decanter sets come with a decanter and two matching glasses dedicated to the city of your choice. Throw on the city where you live; the city where he grew up; the city where he had that life-changing cheesesteak he can’t stop talking about; the choice is yours.


Then fill it with his favorite whiskey, and, what do you know? You’ve just given the: Best. Gift. Ever.


The Burton Wood Watch


It’s practical, it’s useful, and it’s wildly fashionable. That’s right, it’s The Burton Wood Watch!


man wearing jeans with yellow shirt and wooden watch on wrist


Aside from the whole time-telling thing, wood watches have so many perks. They’re fancy without being flashy; they’re casual without being too laid back; and they tell you the time without distracting you with literally everything else (looking at you, smartphones).



Plus – you can totally get it engraved. Put his name, his initials, or some sort of mushy message that only he will see, we swear (it’s on the back!).


The Classic Ebony Wood Watch


Hey, maybe a wood watch is up his alley, but The Burton wasn’t quite the right direction.


wooden watch on mans wrist arms crossed

Have we mentioned that we have a whole bunch of wood watches to choose from? For something a bit sleeker, follow us right this way to The Classic Ebony. 


This dark beauty is made with black sandalwood topped off by silver watch face accents. It’s fancy-casual enough to go with absolutely everything … and yes, it can be engraved.


Pssst: here’s how to take care of that fancy watch, too.


Apple Watch Band


For the tech nerd who has everything – everything strapped onto his wrist, anyway – give him something classy to strap his Apple Watch onto.


stainless steel apple watch band on wrist


Our unique Apple Watch band is a combination of black stainless steel and red sandalwood. It works with all Apple Watch Series, and it will make his device SO much more elegant.



Whiskey Barrel Flight Board


If he’s the kind of guy who not only drinks whiskey, but appreciates whiskey – this Whiskey Barrel Flight Board may be one of the most unique gifts for men we’ve got.


engraved whiskey flight board with whiskey glasses on barrel


These boards are made with genuine Buffalo Trace or Makers Mark whiskey barrels. So genuine, in fact, that you can even smell the whiskey in each stave. Plus, the board comes with four Glencairn glasses – the revolutionary glass that even the most arrogant whiskey connoisseur would approve of (or dare we say – prefer?). 


Perfect for a night of tasting, imbibing, and showing off.


Personalized 50 Cal. Ammo Can


What else is on our gift guide for him? Ammo cans, baby.


man holding engraved ammo can with American flag

Exchange that current ammo can for one that – well – has some thoughtfulness behind it. We’ve got plenty of ways to personalize his 50 Cal. Ammo Can, from an American flag, to a compass rose, to a “Property of [insert whose property this is of here].”


Just like a lot of our products, the possibilities are [sort of] endless.


Personalized Beer Growler and Pint Set


Got a craft beer lover on your hands? Let our holiday gift guide for him lead you right this way to a few things a beer drinker would absolutely adore.


growler with two pints glasses sitting on whiskey barrel

Not only can this growler-pint-set combo hold a bunch of delicious craft (or domestic, no craft beer police here) brew, it’s also – you guessed it – customizable! His name, his initials, his favorite American flag … and so on. 


Fill that growler with 64 ounces of his favorite beer, and you’ve just become the greatest gift giver since Santa Claus himself. You’re welcome.


Canned Pint Glass


Really, the secret to buying gifts for the man who has everything is to personalize it. And to turn something that’s normally aluminum into glass. But mostly to personalize it.



personalized can pint glass



Some may argue that a pint glass in the shape of a can makes the beer taste better; some may argue that it just looks cool. And if you throw your gift receiver’s name onto these specific pint glasses, some may argue that it’s the best gift ever.


We’ll just leave that there.


Personalized Cutting Board


This is one of the best gift ideas for men who either love cooking or are trying to learn how to love cooking.


personalized cutting board laying on table


A personalized cutting board – one with his name, initial, and date of establishment (what “establishment” means is open for interpretation) – will help enhance his love for cooking. Or at least his love for chopping. Or at least his love for you. Because you got him the most thoughtful gift of the year.


And best of all, he can repay your kindness by making you dinner. It’s a win-win. Again we say, you’re welcome.


Finding the Perfect Gift For Him  


When it comes to finding the perfect gift guide for him, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. Between our personalized decanters, genuine leather wallets, and unique wooden watches - there are a lot of great products to choose from. 


For more great gifts and ideas be sure to follow us at @grainandoak to stay up to date on our newest product launches and giveaways!


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