How To Take Care Of Your Grain+Oak Wood Watch

So you got yourself a beautiful Grain + Oak Wood Watch and you're probably wondering, how do I take care of this masterpiece? We've put together a list of helpful tips below to ensure you get the best use out of your new wooden watch:

DO: Keep your watch in a dry cool climate and avoid direct heat, humidity, and water. 

DON'T: Take your watch swimming or sunbathing.

Our watches are splash proof; however, they are not water-resistant so we do not recommend submerging your watch in water. P.S. Our warranty does not cover water damage.

DO: Set your new watch by pulling the crown of the watch to the OUT position and remove the white retaining clip (if present).

DON'T: Leave the retaining clip in and realize you have been running late to work and every meeting since you got your watch. 

Wood Watch Care How to Set Your Wood Watch Visual


DO: Rotate the crown to the desired time, once the time is selected push the crown IN until you feel it click into place. 

DON'T: Forget to push the crown back in and realize yet again, you are late for work and yes they are probably talking about you at the water cooler. 

DO: Wear your watch as much as possible, as they are suitable for everyday use.

DON'T: Leave it in our beautiful watch box or upgraded wooden box and leave your wrist lonely.

DO: Ensure your watch is properly fitted by taking it to your local jeweler to be resized or following our detailed resizing guide.

DON'T: Leave your watch unfitted and yet again be the guy being talked about at the water cooler.

By following this simple wood watch care guide above, you will ensure you will get the most out of your one of kind Grain + Oak wooden watch.  For more great gifts and ideas be sure to follow us at @grainandoak to stay up to date on our newest product launches and giveaways!

Thank you again for your support of our business!
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