How To Resize Your Grain + Oak Wooden Watch

How to Resize your Grain + Oak Wooden Watch

Thank you for your recent purchase! We understand that everyone's wrist is not made the same and most likely a little fine-tuning will need to be made to get your new wooden watch to fit your wrist size.  That's why our team has created these detailed steps on how to resize your Grain + Oak wooden watch using our watch resizing tool.  If you don't have your tool, one can be purchased by clicking here.

To resize your Grain + Oak wooden watch please follow these steps:

1. Identify how many links need to removed

If more than one link needs to be removed, we recommend removing a link from the top and one of the bottom to keep the watch as even on your wrist as possible.

2. Insert your watch resizing tool into the pinholes of your selected link to be removed

Watch laying on box showing where to remove watch links

Do not remove the pin that is closest to the watch clasp, pinholes located in the middle of the band on both the top and bottom of the watch are able to be removed.

3. Begin using the tool by turning the handle until you see the pin beginning to push out of the wooden band

*Verify that the crown (pictured below) of the pin is pushed out. If you do not see the crown reinsert this pin back in and start to remove the pin from the opposite direction. If the crown is present, remove the watch pin using needle-nose pliers. Once your pin is removed you will have one watch link removed!

watch pin with arrow showing crown

4. Repeat step 2-3 for the other side if additional watch links need to be removed

Make sure to take note of what direction the pin is being removed as you want to reinsert the pin the same way when attaching the wooden watch back together. 

5. Insert the last pin removed back into your watch 

It is important to make sure the pin is inserted back in the same way it was removed in order to properly secure your watch links back together. Once inserted use your watch resizing tool to push the pin back into the watch. *If you have difficulty pushing the pin back into the watch with the tool, a hard surface can be used to push the pin back in, then finishing up with the tool*

watch resizing tool picture pin being pushed back into watch

Congratulations now you know how to successfully resize your Grain + Oak wooden watch! If you are still having difficulty resizing your wooden watch, no worries. Our watches can be taken to a local jeweler to be resized, they generally offer this a free service too! In addition, if you rather not take your watch to a jeweler we do offer a watch resizing service.  Lastly, for additional wooden watch tips check out our post on all things watch care

Thank you again for your support of our business!

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