Watch Resizing Tool

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Our watch re-sizing tool is perfectly suited to quickly and easily remove wooden links minimizing the risk of damaging your one of a kind wood watch.

Customer Reviews

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Kelsey Lamphier
Gets the Job Done

Very glad the re-sizing tool came with extra needles. I broke a couple as I tried to navigate the link removal process. In hind sight I should have been a little more cautious but I was a little surprised at how easily they bent/broke. Overall happy with the product!
Also good to note that I purchased a set of six watches which came with a tool. I didn't realize this and purchased the re-sizing tool. The price is definitely worth have the second tool though so it wasn't a big deal.

Justin Roop
Great tool

Tool works great, easy to use once you figure it out. I changed the links on all my groomsman’s watched the morning of my wedding in just a few minutes.

Jaclinn Kenney
Worked like a charm

So easy and quick to adjust watch size

Esther Moore
did the job thankyou

did the job easily

Bill Murray
Decent little tool

Easily to use tool for resizing

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