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Personalized Gifts That will Make your Man Cry

Grain+Oak makes gift giving a memorable experience with meaning.

What started as a husband and wife ran small business quickly grew into a small team dedicated to creating gifts with meaning. Charlotte, NC based Grain+Oak is a one stop shop for personalized gifts for men and women alike.

Originally started

on Etsy, Grain+Oak quickly gained popularity with the launch of their handwritten engraving options. With the ability to take a handwritten letter from a loved one and engrave into a wooden watch, wallet, or glassware to create a meaningful, practical gift.

engraved kids drawing on a wallet

Grain+Oak has been featured in numerous publications 

with the most noteworthy being People Magazine. Megan and Harry's wedding were surely overshadowed being released in the same edition 😉

A few of our media appearances


For more information

on Grain+Oak, contact us at
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