What To Engrave On Groomsmen Gifts? | Engraved Gifts

Still, deciding on what to have engraved on your groomsmen gift? You came to the right place. At Grain+Oak, we know a thing or two about how to make quality unique engraved gifts feel special. 


Let’s skip the Mumbo jumbo and get right into some groomsmen gift engraving ideas, shall we?


Engrave The Essentials

engraved wooden watch


First on the list of what to engrave for groomsmen is our most popular design for our groomsmen watches. This design includes the essentials: groomsmen first name, groomsmen last initial, and followed by the wedding date and/or title. 


This is an excellent option for your engraved wedding gifts as it’s simple and encourages this big day to always be remembered for many years to come. Simply select the Design 2 option in the “Engraved?” drop-down and enter each of your wedding parties’ information in the corresponding text box. 


Add The Personal In Personalized

personalized wooden watch


The people you choose to have by your side are your some of your closest friends. With close friends comes tons of shared memories and laughter. Why not put the personal in personalized and engrave an inside joke only you are your groomsmen share? Whether you engrave this message on our wooden watches or our genuine leather money clips, we’re sure you groomsmen will love the lightheartedness of your engraving. 


That’s Not My Name

nickname meme


You know the saying, “When there are inside jokes, there are nicknames too?” No? Maybe that’s because we just made it up :) All lame jokes aside, another excellent engraving idea for your groomsmen would be to engrave their nickname. Whether it’s an embarrassing nickname they got in college or even someone’s proud title from dominating sports, nicknames are a sign of intimacy, trust, and beyond all friendship.


Back To The Basics

design 1 engraved on a wooden watch

If the creativity of nicknames and inside jokes make your head spin, then this next option for what to engrave might be for you! Remember, our first recommendation was one of our premade designs? Well, this option is also one of our designs; however, it’s WAY simpler. All we need from you is your wedding party’s initials, and we will handle the rest. This design is simple yet elegant and provides a great timeless option for any of our groomsmen gifts


Add The Custom To Customization

pokemon character engraved on wooden watch


Last on the inspiration list for engraved wedding gifts is for the groom likes to put the custom in customization. Maybe it’s a past sports team logo, or maybe it’s your fraternity symbol? Perhaps, it’s even a handwritten message to each member of your wedding party. Regardless of the customization, we can make your custom dreams come true!


Whether you would like this logo/artwork on our popular whiskey decanter set or custom groomsmen boxes, these gifts will sure blow the socks off your groomsmen. Simply email our team your request and artwork, and we’d be happy to work with you in creating the custom gift! 


Do groomsmen gifts have to be engraved?


Heck no! Only if you want them to. All of our groomsmen watches are available to ship without engraving; however, all of our groomsmen packages do receive free engraving, so we highly encourage our grooms to utilize this free offer ;) 


We’re The Engraved Gifts Experts


We hope this helped answer the question of what should I engrave on my groomsmen gift or, more specifically, what to have engraved on groomsmen watch.


When it comes to finding the perfect sentimental gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique engraved gifts feel special. 


So no matter what gift you are searching for, Grain+Oak is here to help your groomsmen feel just as appreciated as they are unique!  Need more great groomsmen gifts ideas? Check out our 5 Ideas For Cool Groomsmen Gifts.


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We hope to earn your business for your next gift-giving occasion!


Still, have questions? Email us at info@grainandoak.com, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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