5 Ideas For Cool Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gift shopping is hard. You don’t want to get them something cheesy, so they definitely have to be cool groomsmen gifts. At the same time, you don’t want to spend an arm and leg on a gift because after all, this is your big day, right? Not theirs! 


What to give groomsmen as gifts? Ah, the question that has been debating deliberately by our founders. Just kidding, but kind of not.  Grain+Oak was founded as the search for cool and unique groomsmen gifts was like pushing water uphill with a rake. (Don’t try this at home)


To save us both from the frustrating task, our team put together our list of ideas for groomsmen gifts.


Groomsmen #1 Gift | Whiskey Decanter Set


You know the old quote, “Love makes the world go round? Not al all. Whiskey makes it go round twice as fast?” We like this saying, and we know your groomsmen might like it too! Why not give them cool groomsmen gifts that bring them the whole world? No matter if it is spinning or not ;) 


Customize each of these personalized whiskey glasses with your choice of text or choose from our multiple groomsmen approved designs. If these glasses don’t make the best groomsmen gifts of the year, we’re not sure what will!

personalized whiskey decanter

Cool Gift Idea #2 | Wooden Watches


Up next for on the list for gifts for groomsmen are our best selling groomsmen watches. We offer all of our wooden watches in groomsmen party packages making it super easy to select a cohesive style for your big day. These personalized wooden watches also make the inexpensive groomsmen gift idea as well. Our groomsmen watch packages include a bulk discount on top of adding FREE Priority Shipping and Free Engraving. Who doesn’t love FREE


So if your more budget conscious and are considering popping the “Will you be my groomsmen?” question soon, this might be the best groomsmen gift option for you! Are you worried about sizing on the big day? Check out our post on how to resize your wood watch for all the information you need and more. 


engraved wooden watches


Groomsmen Gift #3 | Money Clips


Coming in hot third on our list, are our genuine leather money clips. Minimalist is at its all-time high, and why not give cool groomsmen gifts that are extremely functional but also helps keep things simple. These money clips have been so popular that we added our beloved groomsmen bulk pricing to this category.


Our grooms have loved this bulk discount for wooden watches, so we wanted to spread the love to these fantastic groomsmen gifts too! With the options to engrave on both the clip and card side of these money clips, your customization possibilities are endless. 


groomsmen package of money clips


Cool Gift Idea #4 | Groomsmen Gift Box Set


Next up, is our staff’s personal favorite for groomsmen gift ideas. When we initially launched this personalized gift box, it immediately started gaining traction for the Top Father’s Day Gift. As time went on, we realized that our grooms were beginning to take notice of this fully customizable gift box set and started ordering for their groomsmen. 


If you’re not only looking for the best groomsmen gifts, but you’re looking for great wedding gifts for Dad, check out our curated gift list here. 


If you’re contemplating your groomsmen proposal and feel stuck, this wooden gift box set might be the perfect fit! Not only are you able to personalize the wood watch, and the money clip, you get to customize the watch box too. Our most popular groomsmen gift design can be found here


groomsmen gift box


Groomsmen Gift #5 | Personalized Pint Glass


Last but definitely not least is our newly-released pint glasses. I know what you’re thinking, do you off the can the regular shaped pint glasses too? Absolutely! View all of our personalized barware here. Pint glasses are great gifts for groomsmen because they are a great practical gift. It’s also a sentimental gift that can be used and cherished for years to come. 


Have a custom design request? We are more than happy to accommodate you. Email us with your custom order request, and our team will be happy to help craft the perfect groomsmen gift. 


engraved pint glass


Groomsmen Gift Experts


We hope this helped with answering the question of what are good gifts for groomsmen, and if not, we hope you were able to spark a few ideas on cool groomsmen gifts for you!


When it comes to finding the perfect sentimental gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. So no matter what gift you are searching for, Grain+Oak is here to help the recipient feel just as appreciated as they are unique!  


We hope to earn your business for your next gift-giving occasion!


Loved these groomsmen gift ideas but didn’t know what to engrave? Check out what to have engraved on a groomsmen gift for great engraving inspiration. 


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Still, have questions? Email us at info@grainandoak.com, and we will respond within 24 hours.

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