Scorpio Birthday Gift Ideas | Unique Gifts For Scorpios

Your favorite Scorpio is about to celebrate another year around the sun, and we’ve got some birthday gift ideas that he just might like. Or, absolutely love – but we don’t want to put words in his mouth.


We know it as well as you do: Scorpio men have many good qualities. They’re passionate, loyal, brave, ambitious, and honest, to name a few.


But – bless them – you also know that they can be really hard to shop for; and birthday gifts for him might always feel like a struggle.


So we’ve put together a handful of unique gifts for Scorpios that just might play perfectly well into their desires and personality traits. They might even “absolutely love” it. You’ve been warned.


Something That Tells the Time and a Thoughtful Message


engraved wooden watch with gold filling
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 Scorpios tend to be less of the “just stuff” kinds of people, and more into those meaningful, sentimental items. Instead of handing him something that may or may not eventually end up in the dusty corner of his closet, give him something that will actually carry meaning.


What could that be, you wonder? We’re so glad you asked.


All of our Watches have the option to add an personalized engraving; which means you can throw in some initials, a message, or even a custom design.


And, best of all, the engraving is on the back of the watch, for only the watch wearer to see. Which of course means you can put whatever you want on it; including some lovey-dovey message or nonsensical inside joke that literally no one else would understand.


Oh, and did we mention that it’s also useful? (Because of the whole time-telling thing.)


A High Quality and Oh-So-Personal Cutting Board


engraved cutting board
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A typical Scorpio man is always looking to improve himself, learn new things, and hone his skill sets.


Sound like your Scorpio? Especially if this particular gift recipient for whom you shop is into culinary arts (or really wants to be – you know how ambitious the Scorpio crowd can get), a cutting board could be another one of those perfect birthday gift ideas.


Our Genuine Hardwood Cutting Boards are made with your choice of walnut or maple, and – yep – can be personalized. Last name, first name, astrology sign: it’s totally your call. We won’t ask any questions.


Consider it a subtle nudge to get him to improve a skill. And a not-so-subtle nudge to get him to cook you dinner.


A Personalized Leather Wallet


leather money clip on table with watch and change
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The great thing about getting gifts for a Scorpio man is that he genuinely appreciates the finer things in life. And as a finer-things-appreciater, you know he’d love something both high quality and useful.


Our Personalized Leather Wallets come with three card slots and a clear ID window (for licenses or photos or, well, literally anything he wants to put in it). Not only are they crafted with high quality leather, they can also – as the name may have alluded – be personalized.


Throw his initials on the front or an engraved message (from a poem to song lyrics to a personal note) on the inside.


Or, if he’s more of a Money Clip kinda guy, we can set you up there too. 


Want to go above and beyond in the gift giving department? Bonus points to you if you throw that money holder in with a whole Gift Box situation: which means a watch, too!


A Conversation-Inducing Whiskey Decanter Set


engraved whiskey decanter set on table
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In general, Scorpios tend to be on the shyer side; many of them would admit to preferring a one-on-one conversation of substance rather than a large group of small talk.


Lean into that charmingly introverted side of this Scorpio with a Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set. Our decanters can come in a set or Solo, with engraving options from initials to names to compass roses and more.


It’s one of the ideal birthday gift ideas for this guy who veers toward being more of a glass-of-whiskey-by-the-fire kind of person than a keg-stand-in-the-garage. Especially if that glass of whiskey by the fire has his name engraved on it.


Which Birthday Gift Idea Is Right For Your Scorpio?


When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the Scorpio in your life, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. Between our personalized decanters, genuine leather wallets, and unique wooden watches and maple and walnut cutting boards- there are a lot of great products to choose from. We hope this year we helped make your shopping for him both sentimental and enjoyable! 


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