A Personalized Leather Wallet | The Perfect Christmas Gift

Stewing over the perfect Christmas gift to get your dad, partner, brother, or other hard-to-shop-for man in your life?


This seems to happen every year: you want to get him something he’ll be able to use; but you also want it to be a bit more personal than, say, that drill bit he’s been eyeing at the hardware store.



engraved leather wallet kids handwriting


Well, if he’s the kind of guy who, you know, uses money – might we suggest a personalized leather wallet? Practical (the “wallet” part), stylish (the “leather” part), and personal (the “personalized” part). 


And – aw yeah – we’ve got quite a variety to choose from. Here, let us show you.


Love, [Your Name Here] 

man holding engraved leather wallet

  Don’t give him “any old leather wallet” this year – put your personal touch on it!


All of our leather wallets offer various engraving options. Have his initials engraved on the front for a classy addition. Add a message on the inside for only him (and whoever he buys something from) to see. 


Or: include your very own handwriting.


Write a message to your gift receiver, upload the image, and we’ll make sure it gets engraved onto his new wallet.


Whether it’s a sweet handwritten note, an artsy doodle, or even a contribution from the kids: we just bet it’s the best wallet he’s ever received.


For a little inspiration, we’ve put together a video to show you how it’s done. Hey, when we say personalized wallets, we mean personalized wallets.



More Than Just a Wallet. Like, Literally

engraved leather wallet held by a bride

If you want to go beyond a traditional Leather Wallet for Men, we’ve got multiple money-carrying types to choose from. And yes, they would happily cater to whatever wallet needs and desires your gift receiver may have.


For the simplistic, lightweight guy, we present: the Leather Money Clip. Though super slim, this kind-of wallet has seven card slots, plus a very secure magnetized money clip to make sure that cash doesn’t slip out.


Or, for a regular-but-thinner wallet experience, we also offer the Leather Slim Wallet + Money Clip. It doesn’t have the billfold section (thus the “thinner” part); but it still features one exterior and six interior pockets, plus a secure money clip on the inside.


Oh – and yes, of course, no matter the type that you choose, each of our leather wallets can be turned into an engraved leather wallet.


Otherwise it’s just a plain old piece of very practical leather that he’s toting around, and we just can’t have that.


Make It Match

personalized black leather money clip  

When searching for the perfect personalized leather wallet, make sure you get the perfect personalized leather wallet color.


Hey, men sometimes are picky about the strangest things – ever had to wait for your partner to change his shoes to match his belt?


If he prefers brown leather – or doesn’t seem to have a preference one way or the other – most of our Engraved Wallets should suit him just fine. 


But if your gift receiver is more of a black leather kind of guy, we have a Money Clip that’s right up his alley.


Not sure? It never hurts to ask. Just don’t forget to show him our 7 Tips for Leather Wallet Care.


Like It’s Not Even There

slim leather money clip

All of our personalized wallets for men are thin, designed to fit into any pocket without causing any sort of additional baggage.


We don’t want to add more weight to his world with that too-thick wallet trend of the ’90s. We’ve included enough slots in our wallets for the essentials (and a little more), but have made them compact enough to keep it all condensed. 


And, even though our wallets will stretch with time (genuine leather, baby!), its thin stature just might remind him that he doesn’t need all of those cards he’s been carrying around for years.


Who uses a Blockbuster membership these days, anyway?


Which Personalized Wallet Is Right For Him?


When it comes to finding the Perfect Christmas Gift, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special.


Between our personalized decanters, genuine leather wallets, and unique wooden watches - there are a lot of great products to choose from. Still not convince a leather wallet is right for him? Check out Holiday Gift Guide For Him for more great gift ideas. 


For more great gifts and ideas be sure to follow us at @grainandoak to stay up to date on our newest product launches and giveaways!


Don't forget to follow us on social: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.


Still, have questions? Email our team and we will respond within 24 hours.


Featured Image by: @alweddings

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