The Ultimate Guide For The Best Whiskey Glasses

Attention whiskey lovers! You may love the liquor – but are you enjoying it in the best way?


Unlike in college where alcohol was consumed in whatever form of container you could find; wine in a mug, for example – or beer from a funnel (hey, no judgment). And drinking whiskey in a “sophisticated way” meant using any form of cupware (versus drinking straight from the bottle).


But, as you matured and evolved, so too did your taste and appreciation for whiskey; instead of it being a shot-after-shot kind of drink, it’s turned into a sip-and-savor sort of event.



As any liquor connoisseur will tell you, glassware really does change the flavor of the drink – and, as a result, the overall experience. And it just so happens that we have a handful of the best whiskey glasses for just such an experience that you and your favorite whiskey can share together.


Glencairn Glasses


opened whiskey bottle with glencairn whiskey glass

When you want your whiskey to be a full-blown immersive drinking experience – let Glencairn help.


Whereas most glasses cater to any type of liquor, Glencairn whiskey glasses were explicitly designed for enhancing whiskey itself. The aim of each Glencairn whiskey glass is to bring out the flavor and complexity of the whiskey at hand; the shape was made for swirling to aerate the flavor, and the narrowed top was made for channeling aromas toward the rim. 



And our Glencairn Glasses, as it turns out, do just that.


Sip, swill, and savor with your own made-exclusively-for-whiskey glass: choose from one, three, or four at a time. Hey, we all like options.


Whiskey Glasses + Decanter Set


engraved whiskey decanter set

To really personalize the whiskey experience, dip your toe into our Customized Whiskey Decanter Set


Our decanters hold up to 750mL of fine liquor, and come with two of the best whiskey glasses we could offer. Best of all? You already know: they’re customizable. And we’re not just talking “put your name on it” customizable (although what better name to put on a whiskey decanter than your own?). 


You can instead add a compass rose (featuring whatever coordinates that you choose!); a city map (any city at all!); or even a custom image (ever had your dog’s face on a whiskey decanter?). And for some custom engraving tips, we can help you right here.


It’s your favorite whiskey – so we want to make it your favorite whiskey experience.


Whiskey Barrel Flight Boards


Whiskey Barrel Flight Board with Glencairn whiskey glasses

We’ve already established that whiskey is an experience, and we’d love to enhance that experience with our own exclusively made Whiskey Barrel Flight Boards.


Each of our flight boards are made out of genuine Makers Mark or Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels (with the scents to prove it). They each come with their own Glencairn glasses to match, and are a great addition to improve the overall ambiance of your whiskey tasting adventure.



Choose from the one, three, or four whiskey glass set with each board. And yes – they can totally be customized.


Grab your favorite bottle (or bottles) of whiskey and turn your evening into … an experience.



Personalized Whiskey Glasses


two personalized whiskey glasses with an American Flag

Hey! Don’t let the entire whiskey decanter situation scare you away. For the commitment-phobes (or those who already have one too many whiskey decanters), we do offer solo Personalized Whiskey Glasses.


You can still get all of the fan favorites – from your name to significant coordinates to a full-on Semper Fi – just with one less decanter to commit to. And yes, these are still some of the best whiskey glasses (in our humble but honest opinion).



Which Whiskey Glass is right for you? 



When it comes to finding the best whiskey glasses, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality whiskey glasses even more special!



Between our personalized decanters, unique whiskey flight boards, and glencairn whiskey glasses- there are a lot of great bareware to choose from to ensure your next whiskey experience is one you might actually remember. 



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