Best Dog Dad Gifts For Father's Day

This Father's Day you're on the search for something unique. You have a child you love and care for but it just so happens this child is also referred to as your furbaby. Yes, that's right your on the hunt for dog dad gifts and we know it can be difficult to find the best gifts for dog owners. So we're here to help! Our team put together our top Dog Dad Father's Day Gifts for you below:


Dog Dad Gift #1 - Personalized Wooden Watch

dog dad gifts - personalized wooden watch

Now you probably thinking how could a watch make any sense for dog dad gift? Well, did you know that we specialize in engraving custom images on all of our products and that includes paw prints! And the crowd goes wild *insert loud cheering fans* Okay, maybe that's just our team. But, imagine how legit of a dog dad they would be if they have an engraved paw print of your furbaby on the back of our one of kind wooden watches.

Have multiple furbabies, no worries! The more paw prints the sweeter the gift! Simply upload a photo of your furbabies paw prints on a clean white piece of paper or check out the Engraving Notes and Instructions section here. If you're thinking to yourself, "If they can do paw prints, can they also do baby footprints?"- the answer is yes! Preview an engraved footprint design along with other great new dad gifts in our latest Father's Day gift guide. 


Dog Dad Gift #2- Personalized Leather Money Clip

If paw prints aren't your jam or just the thought of trying to keep your pups foot still instantly creates a video montage a lot of flailing chaos than this dog dad gift might be just for you! Avoid the ink prints carpet stains and get your dog dad one of the best dog owner gifts anyone could ask for, a genuine leather money clip!

No dog prints are needed (unless you want to), for this gift. Simply engrave a short message along with their initials for the perfect personalized dog gift! We also offer custom designs for dog dad engravings as furbabies are a huge part of our hearts. Grain+Oak was founded with two furbabies and we are happy to report they both approve this dog dad gift idea!


Dog Dad Gift #3- Limited Release Pint Glass

dog dad engraved pint glass always be my hooman

Okay so maybe he is not a watch guy and he just got a new wallet for his birthday so you're thinking well I guess this gift guide wasn't very helpful. But wait, there is more! Third for the top dog owner gifts come to our limited released pint glasses. Engrave with any personalization message of your choosing.

Maybe you engrave your furbabies paw print, maybe you engrave #1 Dog Dad, or just maybe you like our custom dog dad design so much (featured above) you decided to go with that instead! The choice is up to you! Either of these options we are sure will go down in history as the best-personalized dog gifts for Father's Day. For more personalized glassware check out whiskey decanter sets here.


Which gift fits your Dog Dad the best?

cute pug walking on grass

I bet no matter Father's Day dog gift you go with, he will be happier than a Golden Retriever trapped in a room full of tennis balls. Dog dads need to be celebrated too. They captain early morning bathroom breaks and are in charge of ensuring your furbaby gets enough love (even though, you got this one covered) but it's nice to play along, for now, it's his dog dad day after all!


We hope you enjoyed this simple gift guide on the best-personalized dog dad gifts for this Father's Day. If you have a custom design yourself, please send us an email with your design and our team will be happy to work with you to make your dog dad gift vision come to life!


When it comes to finding the perfect sentimental gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. So no matter what type of dog dad you have, Grain+Oak is here to help your dog dad feel just as appreciated as he is unique! Need more Father's Day Gift Ideas? Check out our Ulitmate Father's Day Gift Guide here.


We hope to earn your business, for your next gift-giving occasion!


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