Best Gifts For New Dads Father's Day 2021

The Best Gifts For New Dads This Father’s Day

This Father's Day might be different for you. Different in that shopping for dad is hard, but shopping for gifts for new dads might be even harder.  Questions like "What to get a new dad?" or "What to gift a new dad to be?" might be filling your brain and you're not going to settle with just a pair of socks this year.

You want something unique for this new dad. You want this first Father's Day gift to represent your love and appreciation for his very existence.

Sounds kinda tough, right? Well, shopping for new dad gifts doesn't have to be this way! That is why our team has put together a quick guide on a few one of a kind gifts for the new dad to be!

New Dad Gift #1

With everything going on the world, it's more important than ever to be documenting lives' most precious moments. Document this very special year by engraving the established year he received his new title, Dad. It's a keepsake that is multipurpose. A sentimental decoration for your bar cart, and a sturdy holder for your finest (or cheapest- no judgment here) bottle of whiskey.

First Father's Day Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

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New Dad Gift  #2

Becoming a dad changes your life forever and in the best possible way. This Father's Day gift your new dad to be with a personalized genuine leather slim wallet. Let's face it. He is great at eating all of the snacks in the house, leaving his clothes on the floor, and promptly never missing a football game on tv. But what he might not be great at is spending money on a wallet that is being held together by duct tape and an old piece of chewing gum. That's gross. He is a new dad now. He needs a new dad wallet!

Simply engrave your choice of text, date, or baby name for the cherry on top of his first Father's Day gift. He'll get a loving new dad gift and you'll have the pleasure of tossing that nasty dare I say "wallet" out in the trash!

First Father's Day Personalized Money Clip

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New Dad Gift #3

First Father's Day gifts are so special so shouldn't the gift for the new dad reflect that? If you're stuck on creative ideas, we might just have the perfect new dad gift for you! Do you still have that little and might I say, super cute, footprint that you have no idea how to display? One of our specialties here at Grain+Oak is truly customizable engravings and what I mean by that is we engrave almost anything, including baby footprints!

Footprints are a sacred memento and go perfectly on the back of one of our wooden watches.  On the outside, it'll look like he has received a unique custom wooden watch, but when he turns it over he'll realize the nostalgic engraving that will always be under the watch, and hopefully, fingers crossed, he might even get Dewey eyed! Now that's a gift for new dad gift success!

Simply upload your photo of this footprint on a clean white piece of paper and our team handles the rest! More questions check out our engraving instructions tab here. Not only can we engrave human footprints, but we can also engrave dog prints too! For more great dog dad engraving inspiration and gift ideas check out our post on Best Dog Dad Gifts for Father's Day

The Ridge Ebony Wood Watch

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Which of the gifts for new dads will he like the best?

Now, that is up to you! You know him best - we're just here to help. When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for new dads, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. Between our personalized decanters, genuine leather wallets, and unique wooden watches - there is a lot of great products to choose from. We hope that at least one of these has made the top of the gifts for the new dad's list for you!

Need help shopping for the other Dad's in your life? Check out our Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide post here.

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