How to Super-Personalize Your Personalized Gifts

Shopping for the man in your life? Let’s get the obvious out of the way: personalized gifts are just better. 



And, not only do we have a whole lot of personalized gifts and engraved gifts for him, we’ve got plenty of unique ways to implement them. 



Personalized Wood Watches: Insert Vows Here


engraved wood watch on wood background



Classier and yet somehow more casual than other varieties, wood watches are quickly gaining popularity in the wrist world.



If it’s your anniversary and you’re seeking some great gift ideas for him, these provide practicality yet thoughtfulness. And HOW convenient that the fifth-anniversary tradition is wood! (Well, this would be convenient if it’s your fifth anniversary coming up.) (But it’s also convenient that you can give wood for absolutely any anniversary or occasion.)



Our Wooden Band Watches feature a variety of styles and colors, plus a personalization option on the back.



Which, if this is an anniversary gift, is the perfect place to insert a portion of your vows.



We can squeeze a surprising amount into this tiny circular watch-back; perhaps not the entirety of what you said on the big day, but a meaningful amount nonetheless. Want to remind him about the sickness and health thing? The “love you forever” thing? The “you make me laugh even when I’m sad” thing?



We can help with that.



We can also help make sure his wood watch is well taken care of.



Whiskey Decanter Set: Insert Iconic Location Here


engraved whiskey decanter set


If he’s a whiskey-loving kind of guy, we bet he’s also a whiskey decanter loving kind of guy. Which is what makes it one of the best personalized gifts for him.



Our Whiskey Decanter Set includes a 25 oz decanter plus two coordinating tumblers.



And best of all? You can – you guessed it – personalize it.



We’ve got options to put a name on it; most people pick their last name. But if you wanted to put, say, his first name, your first name, your cat’s name, etc. – we sure won’t judge you.



Or to get super unique with this gift, we also offer the Compass Rose course of action. Underneath the engraved compass rose on the decanter – and on both of the accompanying whiskey glasses – get the coordinates of the location of your choosing.



Maybe you want to commemorate your first shared home; maybe the location of your wedding; or, even, perhaps you want to memorialize where you shared your first kiss. You know there are dozens of locations significant to your relationship; all you have to do is figure out their coordinates.



And just like a lot of things in your relationship, this will be totally personal between the two of you. Like sipping on an inside joke every time you imbibe.



Slim Wallet + Money Clip: Insert Favorite Movie Quote Here


engraved slim leather wallet


Getting a practical gift for him doesn’t have to be a mundane move – especially if you personalize it. In fact, that makes it even better, because he’s going to see and appreciate the personalization even more often.



Give his credit card and cash a very special nestling spot in our Slim Wallet + Money Clip. This genuine leather bi-fold includes the option to add a custom initial engraving on the front, plus interior messaging on the inside.



That’s right: the inside features a whole section of leather dedicated to absolutely any kind of message that you wish. And no, it doesn’t have to be something cutesy; is there a favorite movie or TV show quote you both obsess over?



Often, couples seem to speak their own language; perhaps for you, “The Dude abides” has a deeper (or at least sillier) meaning than a simple “Love you, babe.”



Have we said this before? We’re not here to judge.



Set of 2- Personalized Beer Glasses: Insert Best City Here


personalized pint glass with coordinates


Just when you thought the only way to personalize a pint glass was with, say, a last name: we’re ready to prove you wrong.



Our Coordinate Design pint glasses feature the coordinates of your choice engraved onto one of those very-cool- pint glasses. And hey, it doesn’t have to be your current city. Is there a spot that’s particularly special to your relationship?



Fancy a glass that’s a throwback to your honeymoon? Where you met? Your favorite place to weekend (if you’re a noun-as-a-verb kind of couple)?



The locale possibilities are (mostly) endless.



Let The Personalization Begin 



When it comes to finding the perfect personalized gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality personalized gifts feel special!



Between our personalized decanters, unique wood watches, and genuine leather wallets- there are a lot of great products to choose from.  



For more great gifts and ideas be sure to follow us at @grainandoak to stay up to date on our newest product launches and giveaways!



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