The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

This is not your average Father's Day Gift Guide, we put Ultimate in front of it so it has to be better, right? Another year has come and gone, and now Father’s day is on our heels faster than a Yorkie on your Postmates delivery.

Three times a year, his birthday, Christmas, and of course Father's Day, comes a dilemma for any offspring shopping for The Best Dad in the world.

What. Does. Dad. Want.

Well, we’re here to tell you... we don’t know either.. However we have a hunch we’ve got something any great dad will love as a Father's Dady Gift. We put together a quick Father's Day Gift Guide of our team's top favorite Father's Day Gifts below:

Father's Day Gift #1 Grain+Oak Wallets & Money Clips

If your dad is starting to look a little lopsided when he sits down at dinner, I’m betting he’s like 99% of father’s sitting on bricks just like this:


Father's Day Gift - Bulky Wallet Alternative

Whether he’s flush with cash or just never got around to throwing away those home depot receipts we know for sure he’ll appreciate getting rid of that booster seat. Whether he’s a money clip or billfold kind of guy, we have the answer.

Hybrid Slim Money Clip Wallet

Add engraving to either our ultra-slim money clip, hybrid clip wallet, or standard bi-fold to make him feel like a million bucks rather than sitting on it.


Dad's Day Gift #2 - Grain+Oak Whiskey Decanters

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

Showcase Dad’s favorite bottom shelf ‘Jack in a gift as good looking as it is useful! Second, on the top Father's Day gift list is a Grain+Oak personalized whiskey decanter set. One set includes 2 engraved whiskey tumblers and 1 personalized whiskey decanter. This decanter can hold up to a fifth of your favorite beverage. Browse all of our favorite designs here.

#3 Gift for Dad - Grain+Oak Wooden Watch

Last but not least, consider getting your dad a Grain+Oak leather band watch for his Father's Day gift. If the game started 10 minutes ago and he’s still not on the couch we’re betting Dad could use a new watch. Grain+Oak watches feature a lightweight minimalist design that is as good looking as they are useful.

Engrave the back with your own message telling Dad exactly how much he means to you. For an extra special touch, add our popular gold-fill engraving option featured below for extra brownie points! To shop this exact personalized watch click here.

Best Dad Ever Engraved Wooden Watch

Eliminate the Headache of Gift Giving

 We hope this Ulitmate Father's Day Gift guide helped with eliminating at least part of the headaches when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day.

When it comes to finding the perfect sentimental gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. So no matter what type of dad you have, Grain+Oak is here to help your dad feel just as appreciated as he is unique!

If you're looking for more unique gift ideas, make sure to check out our curated picks for new dads and dog dads for additional inspiration!

We hope to earn your business, for your next gift-giving occasion!

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