5 Ideas For Delayed Wedding Gifts They Won't Hate

Due to the global pandemic, a lot of people are hitting “cancel” on their previous matrimonial plans. Mostly since these plans included a lot of hugging, a lot of close contact, and a lot of exchanging of moist air particles (who said weddings have lost their romance?).

Basically: a lot of ceremonies are getting canceled since none of the normal marital rituals are what scientists would call “curve flattening.”

And in lieu of a six-feet-apart conga line, many couples are trading in their extravagant nuptials for something much smaller, something much more socially distant, and something involving a courthouse.

You may be one of the many who received a wedding invitation detraction (hey, at least it’s not personal).


you're invited with an x through it


Sure, you don’t get to celebrate the couple’s union like you’d once pictured (like, for example, with tequila shots and a necktie around your head). But you can still (safely) send your well wishes with one of these wedding gift ideas.

And instead of sending one of those (ugh) practical wedding gifts … consider sharing your love and congratulations with something more personal.


Never Drink Alone


Personalized Whiskey Decanter


According to that quirky gift shop tea towel, it’s “not drinking alone if you’re drinking with your cat.” Well, it’s also not drinking alone if you’re drinking with your favorite whiskey decanter. 

No, you can’t be there for the wedding. You can’t be there for the reception. And you can’t be there for every glass of whiskey the couple shares after. But – your name can be.

Though most people put the gift receivers name on these Personalized Whiskey Decanters, who’s to say you can’t engrave your own? That way, with every swish, swill, and sip, you can still be there. Sort of.

Honestly – is there anything better than personalized wedding gifts? 

Cheers to you, Bryan.

A Lifetime of Happiness and Chopping Vegetables


Personalized Cutting Board


Speaking of best wedding gifts ever, try infusing the happy couple’s kitchen with some personal and practical flair. Especially since these days, everyone’s cooking at home more – and your couple friends are likely doing so as well.

Send over a Personalized Cutting Board, complete with their last name and date of establishment. That way, with every fileted salmon and chopped broccoli stalk, they’ll (hopefully) think of your (extreme) thoughtfulness (they better).

And, hey, maybe when this pesky virus is past us, they’ll invite you over for dinner.

Cheers to the Happy Couple


Engraved Beer Pint Glass


Mail a literal cheers to your favorite newlyweds with a Personalized Pint Glass. Throw on their last name, a patriotic symbol, or even, perhaps, the coordinates of where they met.

For an even more literal cheers – and an even more personal touch – send this wedding gift along with your best man/maid of honor speech. Not the best man or maid of honor? Who cares. Include a letter about why you think they’re a great couple anyway. (Especially if you’re the kind of person who likes for your gifts to be the tear-inducing kind.)

Whiskey Glass Tumblers


whiskey glass with ice cubes


Send an homage to that open bar you missed out on from the happy couple’s now nonexistent wedding reception. These Personalized Tilting Whiskey Glass Tumblers come in a set of two; and they can display anything from a name to a compass rose to an American flag.

Especially since going out to bars is becoming less of a custom, give ’em something interesting to drink out of why don’t you?

Perfect for the whiskey connoisseur or people who just like to spin their glass around a lot.

A Decanter – But With a Twist


personalized decanter map gift


Not a twist like a “lemon rind twist,” but a twist like “two tumblers in addition to the decanter” kind of twist.

The decanter idea (remember?) has returned, but did you know you could also get a customized decanter with two glasses? Did you also know that exact customized decanter could have the option to add an image?

These Personalized Whiskey Decanter Sets are oh so classy, oh so practical, and oh so personal.


Of course, you can still put your own name on all three pieces of glassware. We see you, Bryan.


When it comes to finding the perfect wedding gifts, Grain+Oak knows a thing or two about how to make quality unique gifts feel special. Between our personalized decanters, genuine leather wallets, and unique wooden watches - there are a lot of great products to choose from. We hope these COVID-Delayed Wedding Gift Ideas helped you with picking out a gift for your loved one on their special day. 


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