7 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Short on time but still want to deliver a great gift that really wows Dad. As you think about what you want to get dad for Father’s Day, think about what he would appreciate and enjoy. Is your Dad the “king of the dad jokes”? Does he like kicking back on Sunday afternoon to watch football and have a cold one? Hit the golf course? Whatever type of dad you have we have a gift he would love.



If you’re looking for last minute father’s day gift ideas you’re in the right spot. We’ve got 7 last minute gifts for Dad that will surely be a hit.



1) Golf Ball Beer Glass


benshot glass with a golf ball in the side of the glass


 For the Dad that loves nothing more than to hit the links, he would enjoy a Golf Ball Beer Glass. Each 16oz glass is handcrafted by the Wisconsin father-son team at BenShot. The golf ball embedded into the size of the glass is an actual Titleist golf ball! 



Add a personal touch by engraving the glass with your choice of personalization. Engraved gifts really up the impact of any gift.




2) Whiskey Flight Board 


single whiskey flight board with whiskey glass


For the Dad with an office that smells of mahogany and leather bound books, the Whiskey Flight Board with a Glenclair glass is elegance and sophistication at its finest. Dad will be pleasantly surprised to discover the smell of whiskey lingering on the genuine Makers Mark or Buffalo Trace whiskey barrel flight board.



The Glencair glass comes directly from Scotland, the whisky (Whisky (no e) refers to Scottish, Canadian, or Japanese grain spirits. Whiskey (with an e) refers to grain spirits distilled in Ireland and the United States.) capital of the world. Keep it classy with this whiskey flight board. This is one of our most popular and unique father’s day gift ideas.



3) Growler Set


engraved growler set with two pint glasses


For the beer-loving Dad, this personalized Growler Set is truly cool and functional. A 64oz amber growler comes with two pint glasses. You can bring it to your favorite brewery and have them fill it up with your favorite brew.




The beer growler has several designs to choose from and can be personalized. The pint glasses can also be personalized with whatever you’d like. The personalized growler and pint glasses are one of our top last minute gift ideas as they’re such a proud addition to any man cave.



4) Bullet Whiskey Glass


benshot bullet whiskey glass


Bullet Whiskey Glass is one of our top-selling “man that’s manly” gifts. This handmade glass is crafted by the father-son team at BenShot. The bullet is shot from a distance of about 400 yards and is done so in such a way that it doesn’t shatter its target--the glass! 



Just kidding. Although that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? The authentic lead free bullet is meticulously embedded into the side of the glass, creating a one-of-a-kind glass--with no two being exactly alike.



5) Personalized Wallet


engraved leather wallet


Does your Dad have a “Dad wallet”? You know the wallet--it’s about four or five inches thick stuffed with everything from his drivers license, school pictures, credit cards, cash, possibly even an old Blockbuster Video card? If that’s your Dad, he needs a new wallet, and not just any wallet. A Personalized Wallet is a gift that’s unique and thoughtful.



6) Wooden Watch


wooden watch on a wrist with a maroon shirt


From the office to the gym, a personalized Wooden Watch is a bold statement. Crafted from  sustainably-sourced zebrawood and sandalwood, this is a real showstopper. If you’re looking for a memorable gift that can be passed down for generations, this is it. 




Does Dad have an Apple watch that he’s tied to? Take a look at this black stainless steel and zebrawood watch band here. Talk about stunning! These are two last minute Father’s Day gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with.



7) Always Pan




If your Dad turns into Gordon Ramsay when he’s anywhere near a kitchen, the Always Pan is the perfect gift for him. This pan is a cult favorite for its incredible versatility. It’s a pan that does it all--fry, steam, saute, and more. It replaces 8 pieces of cookware. 



More Father's Day Gift Ideas


Still looking for ideas or more inspiration on last minute Father’s Day gift ideas? Check out our gifts for new dads and best gifts for dog dads!




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