What to Put in a Groomsmen Proposal Box: 5 Ideas

What to put in a groomsmen proposal box?



You’ve chosen who you want to join your ‘wolf pack’ and now comes the fun part. You’re going to propose, this is the big “ask”! 




You’ve looked at different groomsmen proposal ideas, and have made a decision. No matter what you decide, your epic proposal will be made even better with a custom groomsmen proposal box. 




What’s a groomsmen proposal box? And what do you include in it? We’re glad you asked! We are going to give you 5 beyond brilliant ideas in order for you to decide on the best selection of meaningful items to include in each box--from the Best Man to the groomsmen.




engraved gift box with wooden watch laying on top




Start here with a traditional box or go with this ammo can, then decide on what you want engraved on the outside. You can upload a logo, a handwritten message, or choose one of the options listed--there’s a distressed American flag, compass rose, and several other design options. You can have all the boxes identical or create a different one for each groomsman.




You’ve chosen a box and have the engraving decided, what do you want to include in it? Here are 5 ideas for the best groomsmen gifts. These are the groomsmen gifts that your groomsmen want to get.





engraved box with wallet and wooden watch inside



Include a personalized leather wallet and engraved wooden watch to give a gift that even the most difficult-to-please, fashion-forward friend will love. The wallet is crafted from full-grain genuine leather which looks even better with age.



This groomsmen box is for the friend who knows the difference between a Windsor knot and the Atlantic knot; who other friends go to for advice on how to dress. He’s more David Beckham than Justin Bieber. 






For the foodie, creating a spice blend with locally-inspired herbs and flavors is a unique idea that you can really get as wildly creative as you want---BBQ, taco seasoning, creole, etc. Once you get it just right, give it a cool name.



For packaging, these tins are great--you can even add a personalized label. Along with the custom spice blend, put in recipe cards with suggestions on how to use it. Together these items will fit perfectly in a groomsmen gift box.



Outdoor Enthusiast


polarized engraved sunglasses on man smiling


You can’t go wrong with a groomsmen proposal box with an engraved compass rose along with their name. This is not a gift that will end up collecting dust on the top shelf in a hall closet. It would be the perfect addition to a man cave or office desk. 



Inside the groomsmen proposal box, a pair of bold polarized sunglasses that are perfect for hiking or other outdoor activities. Each wooden temple is unique with its natural wood grain which makes the perfect gift for your one of kind groomsmen. 



And if they’re big into camping and the great outdoors, they probably like playing cards around the campire. These waterproof playing cards have scored 4.5 stars with 8,000 reviews, and a high-quality Zippo lighter would take this proposal box to the next level.





black and white image of apple watch on wrist


If he’s a gamer, more than likely he’s got an Apple watch on his wrist. And we can also say that he’s probably still got the plain, boring band that it came with on. So far so good? 



Let’s assume he does have an Apple watch. An Apple watch band is something he would not buy himself, but we guarantee he would be blown away receiving one of these wooden Apple watch bands. From the high quality stainless steel to the striking colors of the sustainably-sourced zebrawood---this band is stunning!




What else would a gamer be surprised to receive in his one-of-a-kind proposal box? You can put in a floppy disc notepad and something every gamer could use--an Xbox Game Pass





personalized ammo can being held by the handle by a man


For the guy actively serving in the military or retired, you can’t go wrong with this personalized 50 Cal. Ammo Can as his groomsmen proposal box. You’ll get a jaw-dropping reaction when he’s presented with this high-quality can--personalized with either your own design or select one of several available. 




You can put in a Zippo military lighter, premium playing cards, a personalized wooden watch, a personalized genuine leather wallet (with RFID-blocking card protection), or a set of two personalized 16oz pint glasses.





 Epic Groomsmen Proposals Begin Now




Now that we’ve given you some ideas, it’s time for you to get started, and create those epic groomsmen proposals! And if you need more gift ideas, you can find them here; or suggestions on how to do the actual proposal, just head on over here.




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