5 Extremely Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

 “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” —Rudyard Kipling 



Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know mothers are notoriously hard to shop for.  You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and a card but sometimes you want to do something a little more unique and special. We’ve narrowed down hundreds of Mothers Day ideas and hand-picked our 5 most extremely thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that we guarantee will show her just how much you care and appreciate her.



Mother’s Day is her day to shine and feel loved and appreciated!



1. Plants


cactus in coffee cup



People that have wanted plants in their home or office but have lived under the assumption that they don’t have a green thumb so they can’t—are now enjoying the many benefits of having plants.




Succulents and cacti have exploded in popularity over the past year. They are ideal plants for people that haven’t had much luck with keeping plants alive in the past, and make some of the best Mother’s Day gifts! Succulents and cacti can be bought prearranged in things like teacups, mason jars, vintage pottery or if you’re the creative type you can DIY and create your own arrangement.



 2. Cheers to you, Mom!


personalized wine glass with monogram


Nothing says “I love you, Mom!” better than a bottle of her favorite wine and set of personalized wine glasses. This is a wonderful and unique Mother’s Day gift idea because personalized wine glasses are something she wouldn’t even think to buy for herself—and this shows a tremendous amount of thought and consideration when paired with her favorite bottle of wine. You could also include a fun wine bottle opener like this one!



 3. Charcuterie Board


charcuterie board with meats and cheeses displayed



Charcuterie is such a fun word to say, isn’t it? shär-kü-tə-ˈrē. If you’ve heard the word being tossed around over the last couple years but aren’t exactly sure what it is, it’s essentially a beautiful wood board with a selection of delicious snacks spread out on it—salami, cheese, dates and nuts, stuffed olives, grapes, dark chocolate—the combinations are endless.  




Creating a charcuterie board gift basket is one of the most unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that is beautiful, functional, and delicious! Choose a personalized cutting board and find a variety of delicious snack foods—if you need inspiration head on over to Pinterest and search “charcuterie board ideas”—you’ll have thousands of ideas to look through.




 4. Personalized Watch


womens wood watch on marble slab


Do you have a mother that has absolutely everything--we’re talking the mother with dozens (maybe even hundreds?) of coffee mugs, enough bathrobes for her entire street, hand lotions spilling out of her purse? This is hands-down the best mothers day gift idea for her! 




If you are looking for memorable Mother’s Day gifts for the mom that has it all, this is the gift for her. A stunning personalized watch is something she will not have and will love. There are many different colors, styles, and personalization options.




After you’ve decided on a style of watch, think about what you want engraved on it. Not quite sure? If you’re stuck on what to have engraved on it, we’ve got you covered, visit here for ideas.




 5. Sunglasses

Rose Bamboo Polarized Wooden Sunglasses


“I wear my sunglasses at night, because I can…”




Even if your mom already has several pairs of sunglasses, first—you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, and 2nd—these are not just an ordinary pair of sunglasses. These are sunglasses that we know will get you moved up, and fast-tracked, to the favorite child position.




These are Havern sunglasses and this particular style is called Bailee. Aren’t they seriously eye-catching? They’re also affordable, comfortable to wear, and look amazing on most every face shape.




What else makes these sunglasses awesome? They are crafted from beautiful, bamboo, and they have polarized rose gold lenses. These are ultra-chic, modern, and make a great mothers day gift.




 We know whatever you decide to gift your mother, she’ll love (because it’s from you!). Just keep in mind that adding personal touches, whenever possible, will always garner extra brownie points—so if you can personalize with a date, initials, her name, or names of her kids—do it! Whenever she looks at it she’ll get to relive the warmth and love she felt when she first opened it.



Pamper Mom This Mother's Day



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