Personalized Teakhaus Cutting Board

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  • Extra-large surface area measuring 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches
  • Low maintenance, resists water, does not easily scar
  • Inset handles help lift, clean and move the board around the kitchen
  • Reversible cutting surface

The Teakhaus 107 teak cutting board is rated the best cutting board by America's Test Kitchen! Chop to your delight on this extra-large board that is both stunningly beautiful and functional at once. This cutting board is versatile enough for any task, be it dicing a head of lettuce, rolling pizza dough, or filleting a whole fish!  

Made from board-length strips of edge grain teak, wood enthusiasts will love this board due to the flowing grain patterns and variations in coloring. Teak is a grand tropical hardwood that is rich in wood oils, has antimicrobial properties, and doesn't easily soak up water. An uncommon wood for cutting boards, teak is usually extremely expensive and only used for luxury outdoor furniture or in marine applications such as boating or sailing. 

At, we geek out more than we should about cutting boards and are very particular about where our woods are sourced from. We're glad to say that Teakhaus boards are 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means that the wood is grown in a sustainable and renewable manner. The wood is also Rainforest Alliance certified, which is one of the top non-profits in the field of preserving biodiversity. Note that Burmese teak (also known as "grand teak") is absolutely not used in these boards, as teak from that region is more often than not illegally logged old growth. 

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