Why You Need a Personalized Beer Growler Set from Grain + Oak

We’re excited to introduce a new product to the Grain + Oak family… *drum roll, please*... Beer Growler Sets! First, we need to walk you through a brief history of the beer growler. If you aren’t familiar with the uses of a beer growler, get ready for a full review and discussion of all the benefits of a beer growler and why you need one.

The History of Beer Growlers

In the 1800s, local beer lovers would use various containers such as buckets, pails, or anything they could get their hands on. One story states that these containers got their name from the “growling” noise emitted when beer would slosh around in pails. Other sources say that the name comes from the customer “growling” at the bartender for not filling up their beer pail. 

After the ending of prohibition, traditional buckets were swapped for innovative pre-packaged containers such as smaller plastic and glass bottles or cans, and the growler was kicked to the curb for a while. In 1989, the growler was put back on the map by Charlie Otto of the Wyoming brewery, Otto Brothers Brewery. To offer draft beer to-go, they began to use the “old-fashioned” growler and even silk-screened their logo on the growlers as a marketing tool for their microbrewery. Since then, beer geeks everywhere have used their growlers to pick their favorite brews at bars, restaurants, breweries, and liquor stores.

Five Benefits of A Beer Growler

  1. Save money. With your personal beer growler, you’ll save lots of money previously spent on six packs of beer multiple times a week. Beer growlers are reusable, and you won’t be charged for anything but the brew when refilling for the week, allowing you to save money over time.
  2. Easily transport your beerGone are the days of worrying about transporting a beer that’s already been opened. With your beer growler, you can open and close your brews as you please and carry your growler anywhere (as long as it’s closed!).
  3. Support local breweriesIt’s more important now than ever that you support your favorite local spots with all the competition in our world. By using a beer growler, you can go directly to most breweries and have them refill with your flavor of the week.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Think of your beer growler as a reusable water bottle- saving plastic and classic from being wasted every day. As long as you properly care for and clean your growler (see below), you can use this repeatedly and save tons of cans and bottles from being tossed in the landfill.
  5. Sample a varietyThe beer growler also allows you to try many different beers when you can sample a new one each time you run out. Trying new beers from your favorite brewery can be a fun activity each time you go to refill your growlers at the brewery of your choosing.

How to Properly Clean your Growler

It is SO important to clean your growler often due to the number of bacteria that could grow. Here are a few ways to properly and efficiently clean your Grain + Oak Growler.

  • Keep Refrigerated Until Cleaning Time - If you can’t clean your growler as soon as you finish drinking the beer in it (let’s be honest, we don’t), keep it in the refrigerator until it’s time to wash to avoid bacterial growth from warmer conditions.
  • Rinse Multiple Times with Hot Water - Rinse your growler with piping hot water at least three times to cleanse it of anything left in the bottle. Fill with hot water and swirl around to clean it effectively.
  • Turn Upside Down to Dry - Make sure to turn the growler upside down with the cap OFF on a drying rack or mat to make sure all water dries out. Any moisture left in the bottle can provide a home for unwanted bacteria.
  • Leave the Cap Off - As stated in the previous steps, closing the cap when it’s not necessary can allow moisture to be stuck inside and promote bacterial growth.

Find the Perfect Beer Growler Set for You

Choose from a personalized growler with preset designs or have a custom logo or image on your growler and choose between matching traditional pint or beer can-shaped glasses.

Personalized Clear Beer Growler and Beer Can Glass Set & Custom Clear Beer Growler and Beer Can Glass Set



Custom Logo and Amber Beer Growler and Pint Glass Set & Personalized Amber Beer Growler and Pint Glass Set


A custom beer growler is a no-brainer gift for your beer-loving friend. If everything we’ve said hasn’t convinced you to get a custom or personalized beer growler yet, here’s another reason for good measure. Customize a set with their name or a fun graphic that symbolizes your friendship. 


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